Cabbacis Granted European Patent for Vaporizer Pods

July 25, 2023 08:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Niagara Falls, New York (BUSINESS WIRE) Cabbacis LLC, a U.S. federally-licensed tobacco product manufacturer and plant biotech company focused on harm reduction products, today announced that the European Patent Office (EPO) has issued a patent to Cabbacis on July 19, 2023 for vaporizer pods for use with oral electronic vaporizers.

European Patent No. EP4027814B1 includes 9 claims and will expire on September 10, 2040. The claims cover vaporizer pods comprising blends of very-low-nicotine tobacco and hemp. Commercial examples of oral electronic vaporizers are IQOS®, Pax® and glo®. Primary applications of the company’s patented pods for vaporizers and patented very-low-nicotine cigarettes in development are to assist smokers of conventional cigarettes to smoke less, transition to less harmful tobacco or nicotine products, or quit nicotine use altogether. The company’s products in development are now patented in the most important tobacco markets across the globe including the United States, Europe and China.

“Since the majority of the world’s 1.1 billion cigarette smokers, including smokers in Europe, desire to smoke less, quit or switch to less harmful products, very-low-nicotine tobacco products are the perfect segue to a healthier lifestyle,” stated Joseph Pandolfino, Founder and President of Cabbacis.

Very-low-nicotine cigarettes without hemp have been evaluated in more than 4 dozen independent clinical studies and contain about 95 percent less nicotine than conventional cigarettes. Results demonstrate that subjects smoking very-low-nicotine cigarettes smoked less including fewer cigarettes per day, reduced their nicotine dependence and exposure, doubled their quit attempts, and/or increased their number of smoke-free days.

Mr. Pandolfino added, “Blending hemp flower into low-nicotine tobacco improves the taste profile of very-low-nicotine tobacco products and is expected to improve the effectiveness of these products due to the presence of a spectrum of non-THC cannabinoids.” The flue-cured tobacco Cabbacis planted commercially this year is expected to have a reduced-nicotine content of approximately 95 percent, as compared to conventional flue-cured tobacco, which provides the company great flexibility in terms of product development and commercialization.

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Cabbacis is a tobacco product manufacturer and plant biotechnology company committed to developing and commercializing consumer acceptable modified-risk tobacco products (MRTPs) that assist in smoking less, as compared to conventional cigarettes, and switching smokers to less harmful products. The company owns a worldwide patent portfolio including 27 issued patents and various pending patent applications across the United States, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil and other countries — where approximately two-thirds of the world’s smokers reside. The company holds 6 U.S. patents.  

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