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Cabbacis is the global leader in developing consumer products with blends of very-low-nicotine tobacco and hemp. Learn more about our company, products and licensing opportunities.

Better Alternatives to Conventional Cigarette Smoking

The demand for products to help cigarette smokers smoke less, quit altogether, or switch to less harmful products continues to increase—that’s where Cabbacis comes in. As a plant biotechnology company and federally-licensed tobacco product manufacturer, our primary products in development include patented very-low-nicotine cigarettes and vaporizer pods to assist smokers to smoke less or switch to less harmful products.

Meeting Needs

Almost half of the 31 million adult cigarette smokers in the US attempt to quit each year, but only about five percent are permanently successful. Cabbacis products aim to reduce the harm from smoking with patented very-low-nicotine cigarettes and patented vaporizer pods (both comprising blends of very-low-nicotine tobacco and hemp) to assist smokers of conventional cigarettes to smoke less or switch to less harmful products. Another potential application is to assist co-users of tobacco smoking/vaping and marijuana (high THC) smoking/vaping who require treatment for marijuana use disorder.

Transitioning Smokers

Benefitting public health is a driving impetus for Cabbacis products, created with a focus to assist smokers in smoking less or transitioning to less harmful products. Smoking very-low-nicotine cigarettes or switching, for example, to e-cigarettes will become a necessity upon the implementation of the FDA’s new product standard of limiting nicotine content for all combustible cigarettes, as announced by the FDA on June 21, 2022. Upon FDA implementation of this product standard, our very-low-nicotine cigarettes with FDA authorization would be relevant and differentiated among the other very-low-nicotine cigarettes sold in the US.

Improving Effectiveness

Dozens of independent, peer-reviewed, research studies and clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy of very-low-nicotine cigarettes as a useful tool in smoking less and reducing nicotine consumption. For example, see this study published in the New England Journal of Medicine and this study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). With hemp as an additional component in the filler of Cabbacis very-low-nicotine cigarettes, the company believes effectiveness including clinical trial outcomes will improve, as compared to very-low-nicotine cigarettes without hemp. Hemp contains very low or non-detectable THC levels and does not cause intoxication. Moreover, the presence of hemp is expected to also improve overall product acceptability.

Patents Around the World

Our extensive international patent portfolio includes two significant patent families, 31 issued patents, and many pending patent applications across the globe. If you’re looking for tobacco and cannabis investment opportunities, we’d like to speak with you.

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