iBlend.com Domain Acquired by Cabbacis

JANUARY 03, 2024 09:22 AM Eastern Standard Time

Niagara Falls, New York (BUSINESS WIRE) Cabbacis (the “Company”), a U.S. federally-licensed tobacco product manufacturer and plant biotech company focused on harm reduction products, announced today that it has purchased the www.iBlend.com domain to feature the iBlendTM brand.

The iBlend.com domain has been anonymously pursued by Cabbacis for about one year and the Company recently purchased the domain for $18,000. Tobacco products being developed under the iBlendTM brand comprise predominately of reduced nicotine tobacco and are blended with hemp, and the iBlend.com domain will be utilized for these blended tobacco products.

“The iBlend trademark has been filed and registered worldwide, and the acquisition of the iBlend.com domain greatly compliments our brand and international trademark coverage,” stated Joseph Pandolfino, the Company’s CEO. Cabbacis had previously acquired various other “iBlend” domains such as iBlend.net and iBlend.org.

About Cabbacis LLC

Cabbacis is a tobacco product manufacturer and plant biotechnology company committed to developing and commercializing reduced nicotine cigarettes and vaporizer pods. Both types of products in development are predominately tobacco and include hemp. The Company stands ready to also move forward with reduced nicotine tobacco cigarettes without hemp.

Reduced nicotine cigarettes without hemp have been evaluated in dozens of independent studies and contain about 95 percent less nicotine than conventional cigarettes. Results demonstrate that subjects smoked fewer cigarettes per day, reduced their nicotine dependence and exposure, doubled their quit attempts, and/or increased their number of smoke-free days. The Company believes including hemp flower into reduced nicotine cigarettes improves sensory characteristics and the Company expects effectiveness to also improve due to the presence of non-THC cannabinoids.

The Company’s worldwide patent portfolio includes 31 issued patents and various pending patent applications across the United States, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Canada,Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil and other countries — where approximately two-thirds of the world’s smokers reside. The Company holds 6 U.S. patents. Cabbacis Inc whollyowns Cabbacis LLC.

To learn more about Cabbacis, please visit www.cabbacis.com.

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